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Salaries and benefits

Fixed Wage
According to employees’ post nature and tasks, we provide employees with competitive fixed wages and adjust outstanding employees’ remuneration according to their performance every year.
Floating Wage
At the end of a year, we will grant year-end incentives to junior staff according to their performance. Year-end incentives reflect employees’ performance and contribution and the performance-oriented feature of this system.
Special Rewards
We also provide special rewards to outstanding employees and teams to express our instant recognition and rewards to outstanding staff/teams.
Employees’ Healthy Life
We hope every employee to have a healthy body and abundant energy and to this end, we provide employees with more benefits programs to help them to achieve work-life balance. These welfare programs include: Health check, medical treatment in designated dispensaries, free sports venues and facilities, etc.
Employees’ Happy Life
We help employees to live a happy life through providing annual travel, car and housing allowances, transportation allowance, rent subsidies, meal subsidies, festivals condolence payments, group wedding, etc.
Employee Security Plan
We provide our employees with comprehensive security plans, including endowment insurance, medical insurance, work injury insurance, unemployment insurance and maternity insurance ruled by the state and related social security.
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